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Get online consultation from your most trusted doctors in the midst of COVID-19

(If you need help, please call or WhatsApp us at 9866626477)


Neurology, Neurosurgery, & Neuropsychiatry


Kidney Disease (Nephrology & Urology)

  • Certified Senior Consultant Transplant Nephrologist (MD, DM, FISN)

    10 min

  • Certified Senior Consultant Nephrologist & Diabetologist (MD, DM)

    10 min

  • Certified Senior Consultant Transplant Urosurgeon (MD, DPBU)

    10 min

Image by Matt Chesin

Diabetes, Blood pressure & Thyroid disease

  • Certified Senior Consultant Nephrologist & Diabetologist (MD, DM)

    10 min

  • Certified Senior Consultant Physician (MBBS, MD); PGT-Neurology

    10 min


Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Cardiology, Chest & Vascular surgery

  • Certified Senior Consultant CTVS Surgeon (MS, MCh)

    10 min

Image by Tom Claes

Orthopedic Surgery


Hepatobiliary & Gastrointestinal Surgery


Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Smooth Shiny Skin


  • Certified Senior Consultant Dermatologist & Venerologist (MD)

    10 min

Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

  • Certified Senior Consultant Physiotherapy & Neurorehabilitation (MPT)

    10 min

Keyboard and Mouse

Note: As we are getting large numbers of requests for online consultation from all over the country, PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR ONLINE CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT FIRST BY TELEPHONIC CONVERSATION (9851222069: National Neuro Center, KTM, and 9867419633: Neuro and Allied Clinic, Bhairahawa) and then only proceed for payment. THANK YOU!


Guidelines for the best online consultation experience:


  • Welcome to the Online-consultation! It is fun and similar to other social video chatting networks like Facebook, Viber, and Whatsapp. 

  • Follow the instructions below carefully STEP-BY-STEP:

    • Please transfer the consultation fee via e-Sewa (Click here) to 9841238939. 

    • Have your iPhone, android mobile, Laptop, or Mac ready and refreshed. Do not run any other programs in the background.

    • Connect your device to a strong WiFi or internet network (3G and above).

    • Please be online for about 5 mins. before the exact appointment timing and wait.

    • Your doctor will admit you inside the virtual consultation room.

    • Be very specific about your complaints. It is advised to write a note about your condition on a piece of paper and keep it in front of you for your reference


Very Good News!

  • You can also use our excellent "Virtual Consultation Room" at Neuro and Allied Clinic for your online consultation. Medical staff will be available to help you. It's FREE! You will surely have a great experience!



  1. In case of technical issues, the concerned doctor will use Mobile, Viber, or WhatsApp for consultation. 

  2. Please contact us at 071-525789 or 9866626477(WhatsApp) if there are any problems!


Thank you for considering Neuro & Allied Clinic's Online Tele-Health Platform!

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