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First Successful Stroke Thrombolysis in Neuro and Allied Clinic

A Historic Moment for Bhairahawa and Lumbini Province Community

On a bright sunny day in Bhairahawa, history was made at the Neuro and Allied Clinic. It was the first successful stroke thrombolysis in the clinic, a momentous occasion that brought hope and relief to the community residing around it.

Thrombolysis is a medical procedure that involves the administration of a medication to dissolve blood clots that cause a stroke. It is a time-sensitive procedure, and the faster it is administered, the better the chances of recovery. The success of the procedure depends on the skill of the medical team, the equipment used, and the prompt response of the patient and their loved ones.

The Neuro and Allied Clinic in Bhairahawa is a state-of-the-art medical facility that specializes in neurological conditions. It has a team of highly skilled doctors and nurses who are well-versed in the latest medical techniques. The clinic has been a beacon of hope for the community, offering quality medical care to those in need.

The successful stroke thrombolysis at the Neuro and Allied Clinic is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the medical team. The patient, an elderly man, was brought to the clinic by his neighbors after they noticed the signs of a stroke. The medical team acted swiftly, conducting a thorough examination and administering the thrombolysis medication.

Within a few hours, the patient showed signs of improvement. The blood clot was dissolved, and the blood flow to the brain was restored. The patient was able to speak and move his limbs.

The success of the procedure was a ray of hope for the community. It showed that advanced medical care is available locally, and that stroke patients can receive prompt and effective treatment in Bhairahawa. The news of the successful thrombolysis spread like wildfire, and many people came forward to express their gratitude and support for the clinic and its medical team.

The first successful stroke thrombolysis in the Neuro and Allied Clinic is a historical moment for the community residing around it. It has given hope to stroke patients and their families, and it has shown that quality medical care is available locally. It is a proud moment for the medical team, and it is a reminder of the power of medicine to change lives for the better.

Stroke must be treated with thrombolysis as early as possible after the onset of stroke symptoms

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